Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's not all floating around in space...

FE-2 Stott began Day 1 of her third session with the NASA/JSC experiment NUTRITION w/Repository, starting with urine collections and the blood draw. Frank De Winne assisted with the phlebotomy from an arm vein. Later, Nicole continued her 24-hour urine collections of the NUTRITION protocol. [After the phlebotomy, Nicole's samples were first allowed to coagulate in the Repository for 20-30 minutes, then spun in the HRF RC (Human Research Facility/Refrigerated Centrifuge) and finally placed in MELFI (Minus-Eighty Laboratory Freezer for ISS). No thruster activity was allowed during the blood drawing. The RC was later powered off after a temperature reset to limit wear on the compressor, and cleaned. The NUTRITION project is the most comprehensive in-flight study done by NASA to date of human physiologic changes during long-duration space flight. It includes measures of bone metabolism, oxidative damage, nutritional assessments, and hormonal changes, expanding the previous Clinical Nutritional Assessment profile (MR016L) testing in three ways: Addition of in-flight blood & urine collection (made possible by supercold MELFI dewars), normative markers of nutritional assessment, and a return session plus 30-day (R+30) session to allow evaluation of post-flight nutrition and implications for rehabilitation.]

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