Friday, November 30, 2012

That's not sand ~ that's snow! In Ramsey!

Ray Collister took this photo of the palm trees in the snow
in Ramsey near the Mooragh Park. Yndyssagh!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Robert "Bob" Kelly remembered

This photo was taken in June, 1930.  Bob would have been about 4-1/2 years old.  Florence Prendergast, nee Kneale, (the girl!) was just days away from being 10.  This was taken at the first NAMA homecoming in the IOM.  The NAMA had two conventions prior to that homecoming, the first in Cleveland in 1928, and the second in Toronto in 1929.  My mother (that's Brad & John Prendergast's mother) does not recall that Bob was at the 1928 convention, but he would have only been 1.5 years old.  

So the info we gave you in the earlier post was in error.

Some background to NAMA:

The First International Convention of the N.A.M.A. (North American Manx Association) was' a direct outcome of the great Homecoming of 1927 . . . from this sprang the idea of a similar gathering in the United States in 1928, Canada in 1929, and a greater homecoming to the Island in 1930.' Conventions have been held each year, and brief notes are given of the Souvenir Programmes published at each. Size 230x155 mms.
1928. Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 21-25th. Pp. 56. Contents: 'Home' (W. R. Creer, 1893) ; Mona's Relief Society; The Ladies' Auxiliary; The Mona's Mutual Benefit Society; The Manx Choral Society; Cleveland; Manx Directory. L 20, 5841.
1929. Toronto, Ontario, August 20-22nd. Pp. 48. Contents: T. E. Brown Centenary Celebration,
1930; Popular Manx Songs; Manx Directory to Toronto; Out-of-Town Manx (Ontario). L 20, 5947.
1930. See W.M.A. Manx Homecoming of 1930, p. 1498.
1931. Buffalo, New York, August 13-15th. Pp. 48. Contents: Photo of President, Mr. Daniel Teare; Buffalo Manx Society; Buffalo City; Aims of the N.A.M.A. L 20, 6950.
1932. London, Ontario, August 29-31st. Pp. 24. Contents: N.A.M.A. President, Dr. J. J. Moore; T. E. Brown; The Isle of Man - Ideal Commonwealth. L 20, 6951.
1933. Chicago, Illinois, August 8-11th. Pp. 40. Contents: President John R. Cain; Chicago Manx Society; A. B. Crookall, Hon. President; Chicago; Revised Constitution of the N.A.M.A.
1934. Windsor, Ontario, August 14-17th. Pp. 48. Contents: President James Y. Mann; Detroit-Windsor Manx Society; A Page from Manx History.
1935. Cleveland, Ohio, August 13-16th. Pp. 56. Contents: Photos of officers and historical notes; Manx Settlement in Cleveland.
1936. Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 4-7th. Pp. 48. Contents: W. D. Moore, J.P.; Convention Committees; Lower Fort Garry; History of the N.A.M.A. and photos of past presidents.
1937. Rochester, New York, August 10-13th. Pp. 56. Contents: Rochester; N.A.M.A. Proposed Manx House at Cleveland; Guardians of the Manx Heritage - T. E. Brown, A. W. Moore, P. M. C. Kermode, William Cubbon, John Joseph Kneen, with portraits;, Manx Folk Dances; Messages from Mannin; In Memoriam (Josephine Kermode) ; Echoes from Pitcairn; The Island Muse. L 20, 7595.
1938. Hamilton, Ontario, August 16-19th. Pp. 44. Contents: President, Richard H. Corkhill; Tynwald; N.A.M.A. Rules; Harry Kelly's Cottage; Glen Orry Manx Cats. L 20, 8064.
1939. Lincoln, Nebraska.

The N.A.M.A, publishes four or five times in the year a 4 or 8 pp. Bulletin, 280x220 mms, consisting mainly of news and information devoted to the International Conventions, but also containing other interesting matter which is indexed below. The Bulletin was commenced in January, 1929, succeeding a foolscap sheet entitled Manx Convention. Bulletin, of which there were four issues in 1928. This contains an article, which ran through the four issues entitled ' The Pioneers'.



with Biographical Memoranda and Copious Literary References.


Librarian of the Manx Museum.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Island Norovirus cases lead to "stay at home" warning

The Isle of Man's director of health has urged anyone suffering from the symptoms of the winter vomiting bug, Norovirus, to "stay at home".
The department of health has recorded an increase in reported cases of diarrhoea and vomiting, which are the main symptoms.
Dr Parameswaran Kishore said: "Anyone needing medical help should contact their GP by phone and avoid hospital."
Patients are advised to drink lots of water and eat easily-digestible food
In 2011, a ward at Noble's hospital was closed to admissions after an outbreak.
The previous year two wards were closed due to the virus at the Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital.
Over the past fortnight there have been 53 outbreaks of the virus in the UK, leading to numerous ward closures.

Dr Kishore said: "It is extremely important that people with the bug stay away from hospital wards, schools and care homes to help prevent the spread of the virus. It is best to stay at home".

'Extremely important'
The bug lasts between 24 and 48 hours and patients are advised to drink lots of water and eat easily-digestible food.

"We can't send people to another hospital down the road so it is important to prevent it reaching hospital wards."
Even after the symptoms have passed, patients remain infectious for 48 hours, so those suffering are reminded to remain off work during this time.
The department of health has issued advice to people to prevent the spread of infection.
These include avoiding hospitals or old people's homes and washing hands thoroughly , especially after using the toilet and preparing food.
Fromm BBC Ellan Vannin

What is winter vomiting disease?

  • Winter vomiting disease is caused by the small round structured virus (SRSV), also known as the Norwalk-like virus or Norovirus.
  • Norovirus lives in the gut and is passed from person to person by poor hygiene after using the bathroom - not washing hands properly after using the toilet and then touching toilet handles, seats, door handles and so on.
  • It can also be spread when someone vomits and small aerosols containing the virus enter the air.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rough day in Port St. Mary!

Sleepwell Hotels’ The Claremont wins Awards of Excellence Company of the Year

Colleagues at Isle of Man based Sleepwell Hotel’s The Claremont are celebrating the remarkable achievement of becoming the Island’s first business within the hospitality and tourism sector to win Company of the Year at the prestigious Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2012. Now in its sixth year, the Awards for Excellence were televised online to thousands and celebrate success in all walks of Island life, from lifetime achievements to business person of the year. The Company of the Year award is one of the most highly contested of the evening and represents a particularly rare achievement due to this year’s being The Claremont’s first ever submission in any category. Furthermore, the prize was awarded at just the second phase in a series of multi-million pound refurbishments, the first of which has already earned the hotel a 4-star Silver Accolade, a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and a Bloomberg UK Hotel Awards ‘highly commended’ interior-design prize. The next stage of development for the ground floor and reception area is planned to commence in January and is due be completion by Easter 2013.
Deputy General Manager, Ricardo Campos, who accepted the Company of the Year award, enthused: “This is a magnificent achievement not just for Sleepwell Hotels but also for my colleagues here at The Claremont and Coast who have worked so tirelessly to enhance the reputation of our hotel and raise the bar for the Island’s tourism and hospitality sector. Over the past few years we have transformed our hotel into a luxury establishment whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of our guests, the Island’s business community and the local community as a whole. Congratulations company of the year!”

Monday, November 19, 2012

News from Lily

Hello from pre-tour paradise!  For those interested, this includes things like fixing zippers on my massive harp flight case (the 4th time in just a few months!), counting strings, sorting music and polishing harp levers.  Glamorous, eh?
I’m going to be on a teaching/concert tour in England, Finland, Germany and the Czech Republic for the next few weeks.  The tour is pretty heavy on the private and group teaching this time, so I’m looking forward to meeting pockets of harp players in several new cities (hello Berlin and Prague!)!
My web-site was updated with links to the concerts which are open to the public just recently and you can see the schedule here,
I’ll have copies of my CDs with me on the road but I should mention that they’re all on sale on CD Baby now through the holiday period!  If you’re interested you can visit CD Baby here,
Speaking of CDs, the album “Donde nace la luz” that I worked on in Madrid, is having its official launch on December 1st – I can’t be there because I’ll be coaching in Helsinki but I’m very excited to hear the finished album!  “Donde nace la luz” is comprised of newly composed music by Carlos Cano Escribá and Hernán Milla, set to the poetry of Aldo Mendez.  Proceeds from the album will go to the organisation FISENSI, which helps the disabled. The team behind the CD had set up a crowd-funding page to help cover the costs of producing the album and I posted some links to it on Facebook.  I know that some of you supported the project and I was truly delighted when the level of financial support they needed to make the album was reached!  
Thanks so much to everyone who helped!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bob Kelly Obituary and Service details

Hello everyone,

Plans for Uncle Bob's services are complete.  Because of next week being the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be 2 services.

We will have a burial service at 1pm on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 in Cedar Park Cemetery, Calumet City, IL.  This is where Jean and his parents are buried.  John and I plan to be at the cemetery by 12:30 pm.  The short service will begin at 1:00 pm.

A Memorial Service and a celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 11:00 am at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Rockford, IL. Visitation will begin at 10:00 am at the Church. We are planning a luncheon to follow.

I know not everyone will be able to make to a service for Bob, but please keep us in your thoughts on these days.  Below you will find the obituary that will appear in the Rockford Registar Star.

We have received many notes of condolences and we THANK YOU very much.  I'd like to reply to each one of you, but time does not allow.

For further information email Kelly McCarthy at the address above and I'll send you the local phone numbers for Carol.

For the Rockford Register Star:
Robert “Bob” Kelly, 86, of Rockford passed away Thursday, November 15, 2012 at Wesley Willows. He was born December 10, 1925 in Evanston, IL. The son of Robert Cecil and Emily (Knight) Kelly. Graduated from Chicago Christian High School and the Illinois Institute of Technology. He married Jean Elizabeth Pilgrim at Englewood Methodist Church in Chicago on September 12, 1953. Jean predeceased him on May 2, 2004.
For 18 years he worked at C&EI Railroad as a Systems Programmer and Analyst, then for 22 years at Bodine Electric Company where he was Manager of the Payroll Department. Bob came to Rockford in 1999 moving here from Chicago, IL. Bob loved his country and enlisted at the age of 17 in the Army. He served in the 100th Infantry Division in the European Theatre in WWII, earning a Purple Heart and other awards. He was a member of American Legion, Wm Marks Post #904. He was a proud descendant of the Isle of Man and served as the Honorary President of the North American Manx Association, President of the Chicago Area Manx Society, and member of the Wisconsin Manx Society. In addition he was Past President of the Financial Management Association of Illinois, Past President of the Winnebago and Boone Counties Genealogical Society, and a Board Member of BIGWILL. Bob was a member of Aldersgate United Methodist Church and formerly of Edison Park UMC, a Lay Member of the Northern Illinois Annual UMC Conference, and United Methodist Men earning the John Wesley Fellows Award.
Survivors include his Nieces and Nephew, Joanne (Kurt) Fischer of Plano, TX, Rebecca (James) Antrim of Centreville, VA, Barbara Pilgrim of Appleton, WI and John (Carol) Pilgrim of Oconomowoc, WI. Great Nieces and Nephew, Sarah, Katie, Stephen and Caren. Great-Great Niece and Nephew, Lucy and Tyler. Cousin, Christine (Peter) Wallis of Isle of Man in the British Isles. Many dear friends especially those at Wesley Willows, Aldersgate UMC, and the Manx Society. Predeceased by his parents, wife Jean, Brother-in-law and his wife Richard and Ruth Pilgrim. The family would like to thank the staff at Wesley Willows for their care and concern during Bob’s illness.
Memorial Service at 11am Saturday, December 1, 2012 at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Visitation from 10am until time of service at the Church. Graveside Service at 1pm ,Wednesday, November 21, 2012 in Cedar Park Cemetery, Calumet City, IL. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested. Arrangements completed by Fitzgerald Funeral home, Riverside Chapel. Express online condolences at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Very sad news. Bob Kelly has passed away.


It is with sad news that I write this time.  Uncle Bob passed away about 12:45 am this morning, Thursday, November 15, 2012.  Both John and I were present at his side.  He was actually in the middle of a nebulizer treatment when we noticed he was no longer breathing.  The nurse checked and couldn't find a heartbeat.  He went so peacefully and is now in heaven, reunited with Jean and all who went before him.

I had received a call at 4:30 pm from the Hospice nurse telling me that Bob was declining.  But Bob was not alone, Jody Morey came for a visit on Wednesday and stayed until we could arrive.  THANK YOU, JODY!  You were such a blessing to Bob and to us! 

We will be meeting with the funeral home today to make arrangements and will let all of you know what they will be.

Just knowing that Uncle Bob is no longer in pain has given us peace.  We are grateful that he was in our lives.  May he be welcomed by the angels in heaven, as he is now one of the angels.

Thank you again for the love, prayers, cards, thoughts, etc. sent Bob's way over these last months.  He was truly blessed to have so many family and friends who cared so much.

May God's Peace be with you.

- Carol Pilgrim (Bob's niece)

The photo above was taken in August at the North American Manx Museum at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus. Bob is shown here cutting the ribbon at its official opening. He donated a major sum towards this, the only Manx museum in America, and it was the culmination of a life spent celebrating his Manx heritage. We who knew him are happy that he lived to see this day as we know how very much it meant to him. 

Bob has been involved in NAMA all his life. He attended his first NAMA Convention in 1928. He proudly reported that he was NAMA Junior Member No. 1 and he went on to become our Honorary President, only standing down earlier this year as hid health declined. He will be missed at our Board meetings as his institutional memory of NAMA activities and protocols over the years was prodigious. 

We will revisit Bob's life over the next few weeks as more information from members comes to light. Feel free to share your Bob story in the comments box below.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Manx in Germany

The Isle of Man will be represented this month at the annual International Symposium on Minority Languages in Europe.
It will be held this year in the university town of Heidelberg, near Mannheim in south western Germany, from November 22 to 24.
Taking as its theme Minority Languages in Europe and Beyond - Results and Prospects the Symposium will be jointly organised by the Seminar für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen (SÜD - School of Translation and Interpreting) at the University of Heidelberg, the Eurolinguistic Association (ELA), in conjunction with the Universities of Mannheim (ELAMA), Zagreb (Croatia) (ENSE) and Rome/Lille (AES) and held at the School of Translation and Interpreting, University of Heidelberg.
Representing the Isle of Man will be Professor Dr George Broderick, University of Mannheim, who is to deliver a paper entitled Auferstanden aus Ruinen (arisen from the ruins) - Twenty Years’ Government support for Manx Gaelic in the Isle of Man: An Assessment and Prognosis.
Also speaking up for the island will be Mag Phil (magister in philologie) and Christopher Lewin (Douglas), University of Edinburgh, Revived Manx, Classical Manx and English: Competing Standards.
In his paper George Broderick will look at the promotion of Manx in the island by government over the past 20 years.
It will cover from 1992 when the island’s first Manx language officer, Dr Brian Stowell, was appointed to oversee the development of the pioneering promotion and teaching of Manx in island schools, through to the recent setting-up of the all-Manx teaching facility at the Bunscoill Gaelgagh at St John’s.
Christopher Lewin in his paper will look at the the Manx revival today and assess the pull of a number of strands within the revival in various directions and the differing attitudes to the revived language, including different kinds of purism.
It is noted that the greatest influence on Manx speakers in the island today is standard English, which exerts a subconscious influence at all times.
Although the classical Manx remains the most important and richest seam of evidence for native usage, there are of necessity difficulties in accessing and applying the material appropriately.
Though the Symposium will look at the various languages of Europe today, other contributions involving the Celtic languages include papers on Revival, maintenance and standardization of Modern Irish, The situation of Scottish Gaelic today and The present situation of the Celtic languages in a European perspective.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Manx Workshop for the Disabled Winter newsletter

Our reputation for making trophies and mementoes has risen sharply recently!

Ballakermeen School has commissioned us to make two more trophies in the style of the one we made for junior achievement four years ago. One to go to a school in China, and another to Germany

We’ve recently suggested to the Maritime Museum in San Diego, America that we may make souvenirs from Ramsey Wood to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the building of the Star of India!

Our woodwork range has increased too, with some fabulous ‘One Off’ clock designs, and even the humble door wedge has been given the Manx treatment to act as a useful souvenir!

Our clocks and pens are now available from a sample display tray which we leave for a few days in corporate offices, collecting orders and making deliveries within the following week. Do let us know if you’d like us to include your business!

Our traditional engraving is being produced on the recently installed laser engraving machines, enabling us to produce a better quality finish at the first attempt! Pet plaques, Golf bag tags and bench plaques are amongst the latest commissions we’ve done.

Our new machinery to support Manx businesses and to avoid sourcing from ‘across’, will be with us by the end of the year, enabling us to cut complicated shuttering for the construction industry, right down to intricate patterns to use as jewellery! If this supports Manx ideas and enterprise we’d be delighted to show you what we’re able to do!

We’re celebrating 30 years  Next Year!

Discussions are taking place to stage a Celebration event next year so we’ll let you know if and when it’s confirmed.


We’ll continue to provide training, equipment and employment for Manx disabled people.

We then are able to provide Manx designed, Manx made items, often from Manx materials to deliver a sense of pride in being Manx

We’re helping a section of the Manx Community who appreciates our help.

If you’d like to help you can, by:

Making a donation
Making a Bequest in your will
Collecting on our behalf
Thinking of Manx Workshop for the Disabled whenever there’s a corporate fundraising initiative.
Purchasing what we make
Asking us to make something for you, your home or business.

With all these options there’s bound to be one in which we may help each other
We look forward to hearing from you.

Martin Sewell

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Isle of Man webcast.

Good morning,

The world’s economic landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Amid continuing global uncertainty, the Isle of Man – like many other International Business Centres – needs to adapt fast to meet these new challenges.

The Island is already recognised for its well-regulated economy and competitive business environment, as well as its agile and supportive Government which fosters strong private/public sector partnerships. Its successful, diversified economy features established sectors such as financial services, maritime, tourism and precision manufacturing, through to new sectors like e-business, space, clean-tech and aviation services.

But as current global economic pressures show little sign of abating, what are the challenges facing businesses – both international and local – on the Isle of Man? How can the Isle of Man work with other key economic partners, such as the UK, to help entrepreneurs and businesses thrive and survive?

To discuss this, we’re bringing together entrepreneur Courtenay Heading, founding director of leading clean tech company Bladon Jets, and an Inward Investment Adviser to the Isle of Man Government, and Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of TheCityUK, for a live webcast looking at the future of business on the Isle of Man. They’ll be joined by BBC presenter Roger Hearing.

The webcast will take place at 9am on Thursday, November 15.

A newsletter providing details of how you can view the event, and pose questions to our expert panel, is available here

Kind regards,

Communications Unit
Chief Secretary’s Office

Monday, November 5, 2012

Update on Bob Kelly from his family

I'm sorry to say that the news about Uncle Bob is not getting any better, and we doubt if it will.  His doctors and nurses have informed us that his heart is very weak and he would never be able to survive another stroke.  With that we will be looking at the possibility of Hospice care.  John and I plan to be in Rockford next Friday, the 9th, and are scheduling a meeting with a Hospice organization in Rockford.  The decision will be Bob's though, as long as he is able to make decisions about his health.

Caren and I visited Uncle Bob today (John was on-call and had to stay near home).  We went through his mail and all the wonderful cards of encouragement were so welcome to him.  THANK YOU!

We knew Bob wanted to add some pictures to his 'Kelly From the Isle of Man' story, so Caren helped him do that.  We also spoke a bit about his failing health and started to make some plans for his funeral service.  His voice has become so quiet and mumbled that it is often hard to understand him.  I can tell he gets frustrated when I ask him to repeat himself, but it's important to know exactly what his desires are.  His mind is still sharp, but the thinking is slower than normal.  I was encouraged though, when he started reciting the words of one of his favorite Manx songs, Ellan Vannin.

When the summer day is over
And the busy cares have flown,
Then I sit beneath the starlight
With a weary heart. alone,

I ask for your continued prayers for him as he continues on this journey.  Thank you.

A Manx volunteer through two World Wars

An epic poem created by Bridget Carter and read onto CD by the Honourable Noel Cringle OBE, based on true events and telling the story of a 14 year old boy who had lied about his age to enable him to fight for his country in WW1.  He later went on to fight a 2nd time in WW2 with his sons.

This CD is a collectors item which includes a complimentary booklet with the full story and has proved very useful in assisting people with hearing impairments.

 To find out more there will be a launch at the Strand shopping Centre  on Sunday 11th November 2012, further information on this exciting event is coming soon and can be found on the Strand Shopping Centre Website -

To pre order a copy of this CD please contact:

They are priced at just £10.00 per copy and will make a lovely present for someone this Christmas or any occasion.
 Further copies can be obtained from the Manx Aviation & Military Museum of the Manx Regiment @ Ronaldsway Airport to which 20 percent of the proceeds from this CD will go.