Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kids Takeover Day – (Balla)Cottier Creatives open B-Historic exhibition

We are the Cottier Creatives, year 5 students from Ballacottier Primary School. On Friday 22 November we took over the Manx Museum, turning an empty gallery into a brand new exhibition for the public to celebrate national ‘Kids Museum Takeover Day’. We have called it B-Historic, and it’s a mish-mash of things old and new. It will be on display for a whole week.

We were inspired by our favourite objects and we were able to pick some artefacts from the collections at the museum and put them in our very own exhibition. We used our imagination to re-invent the displays. One exhibit is a collage of all our faces mixed up with people and images from the past.

All our classmates enjoyed their jobs at Takeover Day with the help of Manx National Heritage and our teachers. The design team designed a logo which is bold and colourful. The installation team were busy bees creating the backdrop with different wallpapers and arranging furniture. The curators were creating panels, gluing and sticking and writing labels for the objects.

We had only four hours to research, design, prepare and install our exhibition. Lily was part of the installation team, she said;
“My job was really fun but very busy”

Takeover Day has inspired our classmates and Craig at St. Thomas’ who returned to the museum after taking part in last year’s takeover day;
“I’m working on the reception today. Taking part has made me want to work at the museum when I’m older”

At 2pm invited guests, teachers, parents and museum staff came to our exhibition launch. Millie-Jo and Dillon told guests how the exhibition had come together. Mille-Jo said;
“It all began about a month ago, when Katie came to visit us at school, and she explained to us that we were going to create our own exhibition at the Manx Museum. We were all really excited at this idea, so we started our preparations.”

“We visited the Manx Museum and had a good look around, to find our favourite things, and to get ideas for our own exhibition. We also got to see our exhibition room for the very first time, and it didn’t look like this! We talked in detail about our exhibition, and what it would look like, and what our jobs would be.”
Dillon continued;
“Today we were back again to start our exhibition. Did you know that at 9 o’clock this morning this room was completely bare! We have all worked really hard to put our ‘B Historic’ exhibition together.”
The gallery was officially opened by Chairman of Manx National Heritage, Mr Tony Pass. He told us;
“I’m enormously impressed with what you have done. I can’t believe what I have seen through those doors. A tremendous achievement.”

We then had the chance to show guests and our parents around B-Historic. We even had actors in the gallery to make our exhibition more engaging. B-Historic is open until this Saturday 30th November at the Manx Museum, daily 10am – 5pm, come and see our hard work!

Editor’s Notes

This press release was co-written with the input of Ballacottier year 5 students Meisie, Macy, Savannah, Kitty, Lucy and Clarice who were the ‘Marketing and Communications team’ on Takeover Day.

‘Takeover Museum Day’ is an annual event at which museums across Britain are taken over by children and teenagers. The national initiative is organised by independent charity Kids in Museums who aim to help place children and teenagers at the heart of the museums. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Manx Workshop for the Disabled Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Launch of New Website

Celebrating thirty years of helping disabled people back into the workplace, the Manx Workshop for the Disabled is about to launch a new website, as they continue to expand their profile and develop greater awareness within the Island’s community.

Founded in 1983, the Manx Workshop for the Disabled has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a Nissan hut donated by Shoprite, adjacent to the Manx Foundation’s headquarters on Victoria Avenue, Douglas. But their focus of helping to resolve the difficulties experienced by members as they assimilate into a work-based society remains constant.

Registered as a charity, the workshop was instigated by members of the Manx Foundation who were experiencing difficulties looking for work to suit their needs, which in the early days focused on craft work, filling envelopes, engraving and assembly.

However, the turning point came when it was clear that their original premises couldn’t meet the needs of modern building regulations, and in 2007 the Department of Health and Social Security provided a refurbished workshop on the site of the old Noble’s Hospital.

Spokesperson Martin Sewell said, “We’ve celebrated thirty years in 2013 with a sense of relief and anticipation. We’ve survived some tough times and we have an exciting future to grasp, making items that are Manx designed and Manx made from Manx materials.”

The Manx Workshop for the Disabled fulfils an important role in society, offering meaningful employment to those with a disability, providing training and development skills to enhance their prospects in the job market. Equally it’s looked upon as a support mechanism for local businesses and as a way of improving public perception and acceptance of disabled people in the workplace.

After their relocation, the workshop was equipped with new machinery, computers and software, providing advanced design and manufacturing capabilities suitable for the disabled and a wide range of goods; with all sale proceeds reinvested into the charity’s work.

Martin continued, “Ten years ago we were dependent upon the provision of company seals and engraving. Now we design many of the trophies and awards we engrave and make an ever increasing range of wooden items.”

With an estimated 12% - 14% of the population suffering some form of disability, the support of donors, trusts and other funding providers has made a difference in the lives of many disabled people. Over time it’s hoped that the Manx Workshop for the Disabled can extend both their facilities and services to help many more back in to the workplace.

With their distinctive clocks, pens, gifts and other souvenirs (some using Manx Gaelic) available throughout the Island and at their workshop in Douglas, it’s now possible to buy online through their new website.

Valerie Caine
© November 2013

(Courtesy of Manx Tails)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Message from Ynsee Gaelg and Adrian Cain

Check out the following Christmas Greetings in Manx but remember, Manx is for life and not just for Christmas!

Nollick Ghennal = Happy Christmas
Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa = Happy Christmas and a Good New Year
Bannaghtyn = Blessings/greetings
Lesh yeearreeyn share = With best wishes
Lesh yeearreeyn share son y Nollick as y Vlein Noa = With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Lesh yeearreeyn share ec yn imbagh casherick shoh = With best wishes at this holy Season
Shee as Boggey erriu = Peace and Joy to you
Lesh Shee as Graih = With peace and love
Hee’m oo ‘sy vlein noa = See you in the New Year
Shee erriu car ny bleeaney shoh çheet = Peace to you throughout the coming year

A traditional Christmas greeting is as follows:
Nollick Ghennal erriu, as blein feer vie
Seihll as slaynt da’n slane lught-thie;
Bea as gennallys eu bio ry-cheilley,
Shee as graih eddyr mraane as deiney

A Merry Christmas to you, and a very good year
Long life and health to the whole household;
Life and joy to you living together,
Peace and love between women and men.

Some other phrases worth knowing:
Christmas Card = Kaart Nollick
Christmas Carol = Carval
Christmas Day = Laa Nollick
Christmas Eve = Oie’ll Voirrey
Christmas Tree = Billey Nollick
Father Christmas = Jishag y Nollick
Snowman = Fer sniaghtee
Shelg yn drean = Hunt the wren

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kids Takeover Day at the Manx Museum

Ballacottier students
If you visit the Manx Museum on Friday 22nd November, you’re in for a big surprise! You’ll find children doing jobs and fulfilling all the roles that adults usually undertake at the Manx Museum – including creating an exhibition in an empty gallery during a live exhibition challenge!

Year 5 pupils from Ballacottier Primary School have been working with Manx National Heritage for the past eight weeks to learn about museums, inspirational collections and how to create eye-catching exhibitions.

During ‘Kids Takeover Day’ students will work in project teams to research, design, interpret and install their exhibition named ‘B-HISTORIC’ with the guidance of our professional staff. Part of the challenge will be for students to promote their exhibition via Manx National Heritage’s social media sites, liaise with the press and chat to visitors about their work. They will also be co-ordinating the exhibition grand opening at 2pm and staging activities to celebrate their theme throughout the day.

‘Kids Takeover Day’ is an annual event where museums across Britain are taken over by children and teenagers. The national initiative is organised by the independent charity Kids in Museums, whose aim is to help place children and teenagers at the heart of the museums.

Manx National Heritage first took part in 2012, working with St Thomas’ Primary School Year 5/6 class. A group of Year 6 students from the school will be returning this year to lend support on the gallery floor, lead guided tours and assist with exhibition event.

Trainee exhibition curator Meisie from Year 5 Ballacottier School commented:
I’ve had an unforgettable time planning the Kids Takeover Day. I cannot wait to see our mish-mash of inspirational ideas turned into an exhibition!”

Classmates Lucy and Clarice added:
We really enjoyed our visits to the Manx Museum when we got to explore the galleries and placed a rosette on our favourite objects. It has been fantastic thinking about our exhibition theme and deciding how to share our ideas with visitors.”

Katie King, Manx National Heritage Community Engagement Officer, explained further:
At Manx National Heritage we’re passionate about including young people in our work. Each year we offer valuable work experience and voluntary placements for students keen to pursue a career in the heritage sector. We also deliver educational workshops aimed at inspiring young people to engage with their heritage and culture. 

Everyone at the Manx Museum was delighted with the success of Takeover Day 2012. We decided this year to try something different, and it has been fantastic fun working with Ballacottier’s students in a live exhibition creation challenge! They have just four hours to plan, research, design and curate their exhibition inspired by their experiences at the Manx Museum.

The pupils have had some brilliant ideas and are really looking forward to making the day exciting for visitors, we really hope as many people as possible will come and enjoy the children’s hard work.”

Ballacottier Year 5 class teacher Anne Morris went on to say:
This has been a wonderful experience for our children. They have gained a real insight into how the museum works and have started to think like young historians.”

‘Kids Takeover Day’ takes place at the Manx Museum on Friday 22nd November and admission is free. Ballacottier’s ‘B-HISTORIC’ exhibition will officially open at 2pm and members of the public are invited to attend. In addition St Thomas’ pupils will be leading gallery tours for visitors between 10am – 12noon and 1pm – 3pm. ‘B-HISTORIC’ will run until Saturday 30th November at the Manx Museum. For more information about the event please contact Katie on (01624 648035) or see
www.manxnationalheritage.im. For more information about Kids in Museums see http://kidsinmuseums.org.uk.

For further information, please contact:,
Katie King
Tel: 01624 648035

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I found this. It's really interesting

[pp 1502-1511 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]

[Class L20.]

The Mona's Relief Society was founded in Cleveland in 1851 by Manx settlers and people of Manx descent in order to provide assistance for members of their community who might meet with misfortune. Three publications are worth noting
1901. Fiftieth Anniversary, Mona's Relief Society, 1851-1901, Cleveland, Ohio. 192x135 mms, pp. 56. Gives a brief history of Manx emigration to Cuyahoga County, Ohio; and the story of the Mona Relief Society, the Manx Festival and other functions. There are photographs of the pioneer settlers and early members of the Society. L 20, 7550.
1926. Seventy-fifth Anniversary, Mona's Relief Society, January 29th, 1926. 242x162 mms, pp. 88. Gives a history of Manx settlement in Ohio and of the formation of the Society, with biographical notes and photographs of the early members. L 20, 5312.
1926. Quayle, Amy. The History of Mona's Relief Society, Cleveland, U.S.A. Ellan Vannin Mag., No. 6, pp. 251-258; No. 7, pp. 277-283; No. 8, pp. 330-336. On p. 335 there is a short note on Mona's Mutual Benefit Society. L 6.
The Liverpool Manx Society, though originally founded in 1877 (a jubilee Gathering was held in 1927), did not commence its active life until 1896. From 1897 onwards reports of the Annual Meetings were printed, by Manx printers, comprising pp. 8-12 and crown octavo in size. The Library has copies issued between 1897 and 1911, and 1914-18. Special Concert Programmes in connection with the Annual Gatherings have been issued, and in the Library are the issues for 1900 (pp. 40), 1904 (pp. 40) and 1905 (pp. 45), L 20, 4286. A Souvenir Programme of the Grand Concert given by the Douglas Philharmonic Society on Oct. 17th, 1923, was published, price 2d., 212x140 mms, pp. 48. L 20, 1830 and 4606.
The London Manx Society, Yn Cheshaght Manninagh Lunnin, was founded in 1895. A small membership handbook (c. 120x80 mms, pp. 28) is issued annually, containing the rules and a list of members. An article by William Radcliffe entitled, 'Annals of the London Manx Society,' appears in Ellan Vannin Mag., No. 4, pp. 150-155, and No. 5, pp. 205-209.
The Manchester Manx Society was formed in October, 1901, and the two following publications are in the Library
1907. Programme of the Seventh Annual Manx Tea Party and Gathering, December 4th, 1907. 235x152 mms, pp. 16. There are reproductions of prints of Castle Rushen and Peel Castle. L 20, 1813.
1910. Ellan Vannin Concert - Souvenir Programme. 260 x 203 mms, pp. xvi, 16. There are photographs of Manx scenes and of the crew of the ill-fated ship, the Ellan Vannin. The cover-design was by Frank S. Graves. L 20, 1814.
The First International Convention of the N.A.M.A. (North American Manx Association) was' a direct outcome of the great Homecoming of 1927 . . . from this sprang the idea of a similar gathering in the United States in 1928, Canada in 1929, and a greater homecoming to the Island in 1930.' Conventions have been held each year, and brief notes are given of the Souvenir Programmes published at each. Size 230x155 mms.
1928. Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 21-25th. Pp. 56. Contents: 'Home' (W. R. Creer, 1893) ; Mona's Relief Society; The Ladies' Auxiliary; The Mona's Mutual Benefit Society; The Manx Choral Society; Cleveland; Manx Directory. L 20, 5841.
1929. Toronto, Ontario, August 20-22nd. Pp. 48. Contents: T. E. Brown Centenary Celebration,
1930; Popular Manx Songs; Manx Directory to Toronto; Out-of-Town Manx (Ontario). L 20, 5947.
1930. See W.M.A. Manx Homecoming of 1930, p. 1498.
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1938. Hamilton, Ontario, August 16-19th. Pp. 44. Contents: President, Richard H. Corkhill; Tynwald; N.A.M.A. Rules; Harry Kelly's Cottage; Glen Orry Manx Cats. L 20, 8064.
1939. Lincoln, Nebraska.
The N.A.M.A, publishes four or five times in the year a 4 or 8 pp. Bulletin, 280x220 mms, consisting mainly of news and information devoted to the International Conventions, but also containing other interesting matter which is indexed below. The Bulletin was commenced in January, 1929, succeeding a foolscap sheet entitled Manx Convention. Bulletin, of which there were four issues in 1928. This contains an article, which ran through the four issues entitled ' The Pioneers,' and which deals with Manx settlement in the Cleveland region.
Ballaugh: Notables of the North Side, x 4.
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Items marked * will be found in a collection of news-cuttings in Section L 20 of the Library.


Below is a guide to the copious references to Manx Societies abroad which appeared in the Manx Quarterly, 1907-22, and later in Ellan VanninMagazine, 1923-28. The first number denotes the number of the issue, the second that of the volume, and the third the page. In E.V. Mag. the number of issue and page only are given.
Accrington and District: 13 ii 83; 14 ii 230; 15 ii 345; 17 iii 26; 18 iv 94; 21 v 138; 22 v 216; 26 vi 165; 29 vii 90; E.V. ii 97, vii 309, viii 354.
Barrow-in-Furness: 2 i 110; 4 i 322; 6 i 565; 11 i 998; 12 ii 67; 14 ii 230; 15 ii 424; 17 iii 28; 18 iv 93; 19 iv 195; 20 iv 322; 21 v 136; 22 v 212; 23 v 297; 24 vi 59; 25 vi 104; 26 vi 174; 27 vi 272; 28 vii 29; 29 vii 87; E.V. ii 94, viii 352.
Birmingham: 22 v 216; 24 vi 61; 26 vi 164; 28 vii 30; E.V. ii 95, v 230.
Burnley and District: E.V. ii 97, vi 265, vii 308, viii 356.
Liverpool: 2 i 106; 4 i 303-317; 6 i 559; 7 i 655; 8 i 742; 10 i 916-925; 11 i 994; 12 i 1097-1108; 13 ii 47; 14 ii 226; 15 ii 338; 17 iii 27; 18 iv 79; 19 iv 187; 21 v 123; 29 vii 85; E.V. ii 96, iii 146, vi 267, viii 353.
London: 4 i 320; 6 i 565; 7 i 659; 9 i 857; 10 i 915; 11 i 996; 12 i 1164; 13 ii 55; 14 it 222; 15 ii 342; 16 ii 421; 17 iii 22; 18 iv 82-93; 19 iv 189; 20 iv 319; 21 i 125-133; 22 v 210; 23 v 294; 24 vi 57; 25 vi 102; 26 vi 162, 169; 27 vi 270; 28 vii 22; 29 vii 82; E.V. it 92, iii 145, iv 189, viii 352.
Manchester: 4 i 318; 7 i 662; 10 i 909; 12 i 1160;, 13 ii 64; 14 ii 155; 227; 19 iv 193; 20 iv 324; 21 v 133; 22 v 213; 23 v 296; 24 vi 60; 27 vi 273; 28 vii 27; 29 vii 85; E.V. ii 96, iv 190, viii 352.
Edinburgh: Inaugural meeting, 19 iv 194; 20 iv 326; 21 v 138; 22 v 214; 25 vi 109; 26 vi 164; 28 vii 28; 29 vii 88; E.V. ii 92, iii 145, iv 192, v 230, vii 310.
Glasgow: 25 vi 108; 28 vii 31; 28 vii 43; 29 vii 88; E.V. ii 94, iv 191, v 230.
Brantford (Ontario) : 15 ii 350; 16 ii 429.
London (Ontario): 11 i 995; 12 i 1177; 24 vi 62; 25 vi 110; 26 vi 166; 28 vii 42; E.V. viii 354.
Montreal: Inaugural meeting, 11 i 1001; 12 i 1165; 13 ii 69; 14 ii 238; 15 ii 351; 16 ii 425; 17 iii 36; 22 v 218; 23 v 299; 24 vi 62; 26 vi 166; 27 vi 274; 28 vii 32; 29 vii 91.
Toronto: Inaugural meeting, 13 ii 71; 14 ii 240; 15 ii 349.
Vancouver: 6 i 553; 7 i 660; 8 i 745; 9 i 854; 10 i 904; 11 i 1002; 12 i 1171; 13 ii 77; 14 ii 234;,15 ii 346; 17 iii 34; 18 iv 95; 19 iv 200; 20 iv 325; 23 v 300; 27 vi 274; 29 vii 89; E.V. ii 95, iii 144, vi 269.
Victoria (Brit. Columbia) : 12 i 1170; 29 viii 92.
Winnipeg (Manitoba): 11 i 1008; 12 i 1169; 13 ii 73; 17 iii 38.
Buffalo (N.Y.): Inaugural meeting, 13 ii 82; 19 iv 201.
Butte: E.V. iv 185, v 229, vi 265, 266, viii 355.
Chicago (Illinois): 2 i 111; 4 i 326; 5 i 470; 6 i 554, 567; 12 i 1168; 14 ii 246; 15 ii 353; 17 iii 37; 24 vi 61; 29 vii 89.
Cleveland (Ohio): 4 i 327; 7 i 663; 8 i 749; 11 i 1000; 12 i 1176; 13 ii 76; 14 ii 241; 15 ii 352; 16 ii, 426, 427; 17 iii 37; 19 iv 202; 26 vi 167; 28 vii 33, 41; E.V. iv 185, 187, v 30, vii 309.
Galva (Illinois): 10 i 906; 14 ii 246; 15 ii 356; 21 v 140.
Ishpeming (Mich.): 15 ii 345.
London (Calif.): 13 ii 81.
Los Angeles (Calif.): E.V. i 30, vii 308, viii 355.
Middle West (Kansas): 5 i 470; 6 i 567; 7 i 663; 8 i 751; 9 i 858; 10, i 908; 12 i 1173; 13 ii 80; 14 ii 244; 16 ii 428.
Seattle (Wash.): 20 iv 326; 23 v 305.
Transvaal Manx Association: 4 i 323; 5 i 468; 7 i 661; 8 i 747; 9 i 856; 10 i 907; 12 i 1166, 1174; 13 ii 78; 15 ii 354; 16 ii 430; 17 iii 32; 19 iv 201, 203; 23 v 301; E.V. viii 352.
Cobalt: 12 i 1178.
Melbourne: Inaugural meeting, 15 ii 357; 20 iv 325; 21 v 139; 22 v 218; 23 v 299; 26 vi 166; 27 vi 273; 28 vii 32; 28 vii 43; 29 vii 90; E.V. i 30.
Queensland: 15 ii 355; 17 iii 38; 22 v 217; 27 vi 295; 28 vii 42; 29 vii 119.
Sydney, N.S.W.: Inaugural meeting, 11 i 1007; 12 i 1172; 23 v 300; 28 vii 33; E.V. ii 93, iii 144, iv 187, vi 268.
Inaugural meeting, 11 i 1005; 14 ii 245; (Christchurch) E.V. vi 266.

Letter from Isle of Man Stamps and Coins

As regular readers are aware, we always feature the latest stamps from Isle of Man Stamps and Coins. Today, we received a message from them with the following news.

The philatelic department of Isle of Man Post Office Isle of Man Stamps & Coins would be delighted to be listed on North American Manx Association’s website. We produce international award-winning stamp issues with a captivating array of subjects and are very proud of our unrivalled collection of innovative products based on content gathered from private and public collections on our Island.   A current stamp issue that may be of particular interest to your followers is our postal tribute issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President Kennedy. The stamp forms part of an issue title 150th Anniversary of the Times Newspaper and has received Royal Approval to print from H M The Queen. Our wide range of stamps, coins and limited edition collectables can be seen on our website www.iomstamps.comOur dedicated team of staff have over 35 years mail order experience; you can be sure of a warm welcome if you have any questions about our service.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Buy this ebook and help Cambodians with diabetes

I used to live in the Isle of Mann and was a teacher at Marown Primary School. It was during my 6 years on the island that I was inspired to write an historical novel about a young boy who wanted to become a fisherman on the Peel fleet - Mannin Boy.

For the last 4 years I have been a volunteer in Cambodia and having published an extended e-book version of my novel earlier this year, I decided to give all royalties over the next three months to our not-for-profit organization that operates a clinic for people with diabetes and associated disorders.

I wondered, if you thought it appropriate, whether you could let your members know about the book?

If you would like more information on the work we do please view either our webpage below or our facebook page.

Thank you,

Lorraine Fraser King
Deputy Director
Cambodian Diabetes Association, Siem Reap Branch
Tel: +855 (0) 979698754

Order via Australian  Amazon site to speed up royalties.  

If that link doesn't work, here's a shorter one: http://tinyurl.com/lzcqq5o

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manx-Norwegian Musical Collaboration at the Erin Arts Centre

Erlend Apneseth
Earlier this year Manx singer Ruth Keggin and local fiddle player Tom Callister travelled to picturesque Western Norway as part of a musical collaboration with Norwegian singer Margit Myhr and hardanger fiddle player Erlend Apneseth. But during November these talented Norwegian musicians will be travelling to the Island to work with their Manx counterparts, providing a unique opportunity to hear the distinctive sound of traditional Norwegian music hand in hand with Manx melodies and songs at the Erin Arts Centre in Port Erin.

Ruth Keggin courtesy of Phil Kneen
Erlend Apneseth is one of the top young hardanger fiddle players in Norway, and  after performing folk music in competitions and concerts for many years  has now established himself within the contemporary/improvisational music scene, collaborating with dancers, musicians and poets. He received the Grappa débutante award in 2012 and  released his début album during the autumn of 2013.


Margit Myhr
Margit Myhr has been a multi-talented musician, singer and dancer from an early age, and along with the hardanger fiddle plays the traditional langeleik. Hailing from Hallingdal (where both the hardanger fiddle and langeleik are popular instruments) Margit is now an established musician in Norway after many years playing in concerts, projects and competitions.

Tom Callister
They will be joined by  Ruth Keggin, Tom Callister and multi-instrumentalist David Kilgallon in concert at the Erin Arts Centre at 8.00pm on the 9th November, presenting an evening of Norwegian, Manx and collaborative material.

Supported by Culture Vannin (Manx Heritage Foundation), Margit and Erlend will also be offering free workshops at the House of Manannan in Peel on the same day.

Valerie Caine
© October 2013

(Courtesy of Manx Tails)

Starry Skies at The Sound

Stars over the Calf of Man by Glen Whorral
Not much use to us in the US, but tickets are now on sale for ‘Dark Skies at The Sound’ on Saturday 16th November, an evening supper and opportunity to stargaze at one of the Island’s most dramatic coastlines and accredited Dark Skies location. Participants can explore the wonders of the November night sky with guidance from astronomer Howard Parkin following a two-course hot buffet supper at The Sound Café from 8pm.

It is the first stargazing event of its kind at The Sound since it was designated a Dark Sky Discovery Site under the Dark Skies Discovery Initiative a year ago. With the November skies being most clear, it is perfect timing to enjoy an evening with a difference.
Astronomer Howard Parkin said;
‘The November sky is spectacular, with the majestic winter constellations of Orion, Taurus and Gemini rising from the East, and the Autumn Constellations of Pegasus, Andromeda and Pisces setting in the West. In Andromeda we have the magnificent sight of the Andromeda Galaxy which can be seen with the naked eye.’

Howard continued;
‘November 16th is also the start of the peak of the Leonid meteor shower, and we have the possibility of seeing Leonid meteors (or shooting stars) appearing from the constellation of Leo the lion.  Whilst the full Moon will mean only the brightest Leonids will be seen this year, it will be worth looking towards the Eastern horizon later in the evening or early morning. You may be rewarded with the sight of some bright and fast meteors from what can be a spectacular shower. This has not been the case in recent years, but the Leonids might just roar in 2013.
Obviously we are hoping for clear skies, in which case we will, after dinner, head outside to see the splendour of the heavens.’

If it is cloudy, Howard will provide an illustrated multi-media lecture following supper on what to look for in the Manx night skies over the upcoming winter months.

Tickets are £24 to £30 to include return travel, available now at the Manx Museum Gallery Shop and online. A warming two-course buffet supper with a choice of options and tea or coffee is included in the ticket price. The return coach package includes stops Douglas, Castletown, Port Erin and Port St. Mary. The coach departs Douglas Sea Terminal at 18.45. For further coach times, menu and to purchase tickets see our websitewww.manxnationalheritage.im.