Saturday, June 28, 2014

Did you see this?! Downing Street apologises for IoM Twitter map gaffe

A Downing Street spokesman for said the error "will not happen again"

The tweet, made ahead of the Scottish Independence vote, said: Downing Street has issued an apology after the Isle of Man was wrongly included on a map of the UK posted on its Twitter page on Monday.
"By staying united we have much more to gain."
The Manx government replied: "Please could this map be corrected the Isle of Man 
is not part of the United Kingdom."
A spokesperson for Number 10 said: "We apologise for the error and will ensure it doesn't happen again."
He added that the "graphic has been amended for any future digital activity".
The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown Dependency like the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey.
According to the Manx government the Isle of Man is not, and never has been, part of the United Kingdom, nor is it part of the European Union.
It is not represented at Westminster or Brussels and is a self-governing Crown Dependency with its own parliament, government and laws.
The UK government on behalf of the Crown, is ultimately responsible for its international relations.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Media Release form Tynwald!

Media Release

Coming Home for Tynwald Day

One of the UK’s leading film critics, Mark Kermode, who has Manx roots, will be among many ‘coming home’ for Tynwald Day.  

Mr Kermode (pictured) and his mother Audrey Kermode will be joining other guests of the President of Tynwald, the Hon Clare Christian, at the Tynwald Day ceremony on Monday July 7th.

This year’s National Day celebrations will be marked by a strong sense of ‘home’, with many homecomers swelling the crowds at St John’s, including representatives from the North American Manx Association (NAMA), visiting the Island for the 2014 NAMA convention taking place from July 3rd to 7th.

The convention will also provide the opportunity on July 4th for NAMA president Jody Morey to present the 2014 North American Manx Awards in the Barrool Suite in the Legislative Buildings. The awards recognise outstanding achievements by young people in the Isle of Man in the fields of Manx music, art and crafts and are set to have a heightened significance this year when the Island is recognising its rich cultural heritage through Island of Culture 2014, a year-long celebratory programme of which Madam President and Mr Kermode are joint patrons.

Looking ahead to the NAMA convention the association’s first vice-president Kelly McCarthy said: ‘The 2014 NAMA convention has been six years in the planning and we could not have put together anything this complex without a great deal of help from the wonderful people of the Isle of Man. Naturally, we planned our trip to coincide with Tynwald Day and we have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to us by Madam President and the staff of Tynwald, as well as organisations all across the Island. As our convention motto has it: “Yindyssagh! We’re Going Back! Gura mie eu, Ellan Vannin!” We are glad to be in our homeland once again. ‘
NAMA president Jody Morey said: ‘NAMA holds a convention every two years and we are delighted to be returning to the Isle of Man in 2014.  The last convention held there was in 2000.  Kelly McCarthy has worked with many people on the Isle to make our convention educational as well as fun. We are looking forward to the guided tour of the Legislative Buildings, the Tynwald garden party and other tours and festivities.
‘Traditionally, the NAMA president visits during the off-convention year and in 2013 I participated in the presentation of the NAMA Medallion awards and Most Progress in Manx awards and other activities.  Madam President and all others I met were very gracious and always welcoming.’
Tynwald Day will be streamed live via the Tynwald Day 2014 section at
For further information contact:
Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings
Tel: 01624 686303

June 26 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ned Maddrell Lecture 2014

The annual Ned Maddrell Lecture will take place on Thursday 19th June at Tynwald Mills in St John's with guest speaker, Finbarr Bradley, discussing The Manx Creative Edge: Why Authenticity and Place Matter.

Finbarr Bradley
Finbarr was professor in the Economics Department at the National University of Ireland (Maynooth) and the faculty member responsible for the setting up of the Innovation Value Institute with Intel Ireland. He is published widely and has co-authored two books with James Kennelly on the topics of innovation, learning and sense of place; The Irish Edge: How Enterprises Compete on Authenticity and Place (Orpen Press, 2013) and Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference (Blackhall Publishing, 2008).

Finbarr has been at the forefront of debate in Ireland about the links between authenticity, culture, creativity and sustainable economic growth.

Culture Vannin's Manx Language Development Officer, Adrian Cain, said, "He is an exciting and challenging speaker whom, we feel, can add to the debate in the Island about the nature of creativity and identity, and how it can feed into diversification and growth for the Island."

Finbarr currently teaches Green Business at the Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, where he set up the MSc in Investment and Treasury during the early days of Dublin's International Financial Services Centre and the Irish-medium undergraduate degree in finance, computing and entrepreneurship.

The annual Ned Maddrell Lecture is organised by Culture Vannin in conjunction with Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh (The Manx Language Society).

 Valerie Caine
© June 2014

Another letter - This time we have a new book set in WWII.


...I  would also like you to know that I have recently (March 2014) published a book – THE OPERA SINGER –  a novel, written as a fictional memoir, which I feel would be of interest to your members.   The book explores a childhood on the Isle of Man during W.W.II, and in particular the relationship of the child with a prisoner, an opera singer, who was interned in the Mooragh Camp in Ramsey.  This is a story that mixes comedy with the reality that was the internment camps during the war – a little known piece of history.  This is not your usual W.W.II story.   I attach some information about the book.

I grew up in Ramsey and lived in the neighborhood of the Mooragh Camp and also worked on a farm, for pocket money, such as the one depicted in the book.  The relationship with a prisoner described in the book, is, of course, fiction.   I also used some of my own childhood memories in writing about the child and his family.

My wife and I will be visiting the Island in August and we are hoping that my novel will also find a market in bookshops there.

Thank you for your attention,

Keith M. Costain 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ruth Keggin wrote to us

Hi Kelly,

I saw in the paper that you were interested in Manx-produced gifts and wares for the members of NAMA to be able to take back to America after the homecoming trip over to the Island in July. I wanted to contact you as I released an album of Manx Gaelic songs in February this year and will be performing on a couple of occasions throughout Manx national week, including Tynwald day in the Royal Chapel at 6.30pm - 7pm. Hopefully it'll be of interest to the members of NAMA! 

Here are a couple of YouTube links to my videos:

and you can find out more about the album on my website: 
It's just being processed to go on iTunes, so should be up there in about a week or so!

We look forward to meeting you all in less than a month! 



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From the Vancouver Manx

This Tynwalld Day, Saturday July the 5th we are having our annual Manx Picnic!!
TIME: 11 am To 2:30 pm (we are only booked til 3pm) PLACE: Rocky Point Park Picnic Shelter, Port Moody
Take St. John Street and then turn north on Moody Street that will then turn into Murray Street and the parking area is at the end of the road.
This year we are introducing a valet service for those who are unable to find parking in the lower parking area and maybe aren
t into the walk down from the Westcoast Express parking area. So we are offering the following, drive down to the picnic shelter by the boat launch, unload your goodies and then we will run your car back up to the upper parking area. We will even go get it when it is time to go! If you need a ride to the picnic please let one of the committee know and we will do our best to get you there! We dont want anyone to miss out!
There is a wading pool there so if you wish, bring the swimsuits for the little ones! We set up over by the fish & chip shop.
Kevin will have games for the kids,and possibly some games for the not so little kids! There will be our usual raffle. So please bring a new item for the raffle. The Manx will supply tea & coffee and pop/juice. You can bring your own picnic food or enjoy the fish & chips sold at the park. You may want to bring a chair to sit out and watch the games and have a natter! There are picnic tables to sit at as well.

What happens’ if it is raining??? Well if it is only going to be “variable showersas opposed to all out rain then we will go ahead.
Don’t forget to mark the Harvest Tea/Back-end do on your calendar for October 26th. More info to come out later in the summer.
Lesley McGee

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Checklist for NAMA Convention

Check your passport is up to date
Plane tickets
ATM card for pounds or euros depending where you're traveling through
Plug outlet adaptor and phone charger
Call your phone carrier so your phone will work overseas. Turn the Cellular dat and data roaming switches off once you get on the plane.
4th of July American accessory
Tynwald Garden Party spiffy clothes
Umbrella or poncho for when it rains
Medicines in carry-on in case your suitcase goes missing
Medical insurance is valid for overseas
Address tags on your bags with your hotel address
Foldable bag for extra swag coming home

More when I think of it. Leave a comment for what you think is essential.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Manx Gaelic TT Phrase Guide Available

With this year's TT races well underway, Culture Vannin has released an updated version of their successful Manx Gaelic guide, which provides a variety of key phrases for visiting bikers.

The guide, which has been supported by local mobile phone company Sure IOM, contains translations for phrases such as 'mist on the mountain road' (Kay er Giat y Clieau) and 'Mad Sunday' (Jedoonee Keoi).

Adrian Cain, Manx Language Officer for Culture Vannin, commented, "We hope people will enjoy these TT guides and use them as a light-hearted introduction to the language."

Guides will be available from all branches of Sure IOM located in Douglas, Ramsey and Port Erin.

The company's ongoing support for the Manx language has included financial assistance for the popular Learn Manx App available from Google Play and iTunes. Downloaded over 4,000 times, it includes the TT as a key theme in the language learning process.

Phrases used in the guide will also be used as part of Adrian's 1,000 Manx words challenge during this year's Island of Culture celebrations, as well as being tweeted @greinneyder during TT fortnight.

Culture Vannin is also running a series of short videos during the festival which will include Manx phrases spoken by some of the top riders, such as John McGuinness and Dan Kneen. The videos can be found on the Learn Manx Facebook page, on YouTube or by following Adrian Cain on twitter.

For further information contact Adrian Cain:-

Phone - 07624 451098
Email -
Twitter - @greinneyder


Valerie Caine
© June 2014